My First Blog Post…

For quite a bit of time I have been thinking to start writing some of the ideas that cross my mind while living my Ph.D life.

I have been recently reading many academic blogs, which highlight the importance of having your blog as a means to become better at writing. To be honest, I feel quite embarrassed that I haven’t started doing this before. So far, my writing has been “limited” to writing papers and abstracts when I needed to do so (i.e., when the deadline for submitting a paper for a conference is approaching), and also when I felt puzzled about a certain topic of my research and I needed to “explain something to myself.” I must admit that the latter was extremely useful. Not only I could finally understand things that I previously took for granted, but it also turned out that those self-explanations, with a little tweaking and putting into context, became pretty decent starting points for research papers.

Having said all that, here goes my goal for starting this blog: to stop making up excuses and start writing! If I have an opportunity (and necessity) to write is this time that I have been investing and will still invest in my Academic Career.


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